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The Art of Making Wine

Our winemaking begins with local artisan growers. Regular visits and attention to detail ensures that we start with the best quality fruit.  Grapes are picked in the vineyards by hand at night, or in the early morning so that fruit arrives at the winery cool and in pristine condition.  After further inspecting, the berries are hand sorted and then processed into small lots. 

Our red grapes are allowed to cold soak for 5-7 days. Our whites goes immediately to press and chilled to preserve freshness.  At this point the grape juice begins its fermentation stage where yeast and nutrients are added for primary fermentation.  Fermentations are closely monitored around the clock with most operations being performed by hand.  Many of our red wine lots have their caps punched down often during the primary stage of fermentation.  This allows for a more complete extraction of flavor from grape skins and concentration of flavors.

When primary fermentations are nearly complete, the wines are gently pressed and begin their next stage of development and go through a malolactic fermentation. When complete the red wines are transferred into small French oak barrels for continued aging for up to 20 months.  Our white wines complete fermentation in temperature controlled tanks and a few hand selected neutral French oak barrels to round out flavor profiles.

After careful attention and allowing the wines to develop to perfection, we proudly release them for your enjoyment.


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